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Fellow of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (FASIPP)



Fellowship in the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) is the most prestigious formal recognition available to long-standing ASIPP members. Fellowship symbolizes professionalism and outstanding achievements in the area of interventional pain medicine (IPM). Physicians who will receive the designation of Fellow in the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (FASIPP) will have distinguished themselves in their service to ASIPP and Pain Medicine, through their outstanding teaching in IPM and/or by making significant contributions to the literature or by having performed substantial clinical research in IPM or pain medicine. Only 5% of active ASIPP members will meet the criteria required to receive the honor of FASIPP.


ASIPP and members of the Fellowship Committee have developed guidelines designed to help ASIPP members understand the requirements for FASIPP designation and to aide in compliance with the Fellowship Committee’s nomination process.
The following are addressed:
1) Eligibility
2) Criteria for Nomination – including membership status and Letters of Recommendation
3) Nomination Packet
4) Nomination Process
5) Timeline and Deadlines

Policies and Procedures

In accordance with the ASIPP Fellowship Committee’s decisions regarding professionalism, a candidate for Fellowship must be a physician member in good standing of ASIPP who has demonstrated significant accomplishments in service, research, or teaching.

Criteria for Nomination

1) Nominees for Fellowship must fulfill criteria under one or more of the following categories:
a. Service to ASIPP at national or State Society levels and/or Pain Medicine at a national, regional, state or local level. Preference will be given to service to ASIPP and/or ASIPP state societies.
b. Excellence in teaching IPM and/or Pain Medicine.
c. Significant scientific or clinical research in IPM and/or Pain Medicine.
2) It is not required to have qualifications in all categories. However, nominees are encouraged to list all relevant activities for the Fellowship Committee’s evaluation.
3) Meeting these criteria does not guarantee that a nominee will be granted Fellowship.
4) Awards earned while on current or past military service should be documented and submitted.
5) Must have completed five (5) years or more as an ASIPP member.
6) If there has been a lapse in ASIPP membership, the cumulative years of membership will still quantify if they meet the minimum eligibility of five (5) years of post-training membership for FASIPP application.
7) A member who is serving or has previously served in the military or public health service within the last five (5) years will still be considered for FASIPP.
8) Retired members are not eligible to apply. Members who are fully retired may be eligible for Fellow Emeriti.

Criteria for Nomination: Membership Status

1) Qualifying membership begins in the year following completion of training, except when a member-in-training declines membership by failing to pay the first dues invoice, by failing to join a State Society of ASIPP when required or by declining membership in writing.
2) For members that join ASIPP at any time other than immediately following completion of training, their ASIPP membership will begin in the year in which the member actually joins ASIPP. Time as a member-in-training does NOT count toward the five (5) years minimum requirement.
3) The minimum requirement of five (5) years of ASIPP membership is not restricted to the five (5) years immediately preceding the nomination. The five years do not have to be consecutive.
4) Please contact ASIPP staff for confirmation of your years of ASIPP membership if you are uncertain or if there has been a lapse in your membership.

Criteria for Nomination: Letters of Recommendation

1) Must be specific, highlighting the nominee’s achievements as known by the writer.
2) Must support the applicant by referencing the appropriate number of ASIPP membership years and by pointing out how the member meets the eligibility requirements based on the listed categories. Giving specific examples provides greater influence.
3) Must provide substantial and candid discussion of the nominee’s qualifications.
4) Must address the applicant’s professionalism as defined above.
5) Must highlight specific information from the candidate’s CV as understood by the writer. Give specific examples and the effects that the nominee’s efforts had on patients, fellows and residents, the department, the hospital, staff or the community.
6) Letters should NOT:
a. Be generic and brief
b. Simply reiterate information from the nominee’s CV

Nomination Packet

1) Complete an online application
a. ASIPP does not accept paper applications. Any member who has a circumstance that limits their completion of the application online, should contact the ASIPP staff for assistance.
b. Check applicable qualifications as outline in the Nomination Criteria section.
i. One nomination criterion meeting minimum eligibility to apply, by itself, may not result in approval to become a Fellow.
c. Active-duty military members must submit documentation as to their tours of duty as well as their accomplishments meeting the application criteria
d. Attest to professionalism among other significant areas of accomplishment as listed in the Nomination Criteria section
e. Provide richly-detailed and complete documentation of achievements in one or more categories in keeping with the years of membership.
f. Provide an updated curriculum vitae (CV)
g. Provide an updated list(s) of presentations and/or publications
h. Provide documentation of any unique circumstances that should be considered by the Fellowship Committee for ASIPP
i. Format attachment(s) in PDF and upload to the ASIPP website under the appropriate tabs.

2) Request and receive a minimum of one (1) letter of recommendations from an ASIPP physician not in practice with the nominee.
3) Request and receive a minimum of one (1) letter of recommendation from a working physician colleague in practice with the nominee.
4) Request and receive a minimum of one (1) letter of recommendation from another non-physician working colleague or patient
5) Letters must be typed and submitted in PDF format.
6) All letters must explicitly describe in detail how the nominee fulfills the required categories for eligibility.
7) Proofread the application to assure the application is complete. Incomplete fields will be highlighted in red.
8) Once the application has been submitted, it will be considered FINAL and No further changes can be made.

Nomination Process

1) Nominations for ASIPP Fellowship may be initiated by an ASIPP member with the understanding that the nominated candidate meets the eligibility criteria, or ASIPP members may nominate themselves after reviewing and thereby meeting the eligibility criteria.
2) The Fellowship Committee determines whether to approve the applicant.
a. During the review process, IPM experience and/or ABIPP certification will take precedence.
b. If a member of the Fellowship Committee provides an endorsement letter for the applicant, that member will recuse themselves from voting for the nominee.
c. If an applicant is not approved, the Fellowship Committee will provide a detailed letter of explanation and indicate whether a nominee is eligible to reapply at a later date. The applicant will receive notification of the results by email.

Timeline and Deadlines

1) Applications must be received before January 19, 2024:
2) January 20 through February 5: Fellowship Committee will review and evaluate the applications
3) March 4: Nominees will receive an official notification from the Fellowship Committee of ASIPP
4) April 4–6: New fellows will be inducted during the Annual Meeting
a. Inductees must be present at an Annual ASIPP Meeting to receive Fellowship
b. Inductees will have up to three (3) years to participate in an Annual ASIPP Meeting or lose eligibility for Fellowship. If an inductee is unable to attend an Annual ASIPP Meeting within the three (3) year requirement due to extenuating circumstances, the application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as to eligibility.
c. Inductees cannot use FASIPP in their appellations until formally inducted during an Annual ASIPP Meeting.

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